Thursday, May 31, 2007

Black Ringo

Sometimes, The Meat Beetles' stream-of-semi-consciousness approach yields unexpected, unpredictable results. This one started out with a sample of Billy Graham blathering about "why The Beatles stay on top" and evolved into a treatise on bigotry and ignorance. Actually it is kind of fitting given that Billy's son, Franklin, (who was sent to Iraq by the Bush administration to promote the christianist lifestyle as "normal") has, like a true bigot, referred to Islam as an "evil and wicked religion". The filthy little puke must have gone over big in the Islamic world!
For the record, while The Meat Beetles find the very idea of worshiping an invisible guy in the sky rather peculiar, they are absolutely opposed to bigotry and intolerance against people simply because they may subscribe to a different superstition than someone else.
Listen: Black Ringo

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Mark L said...

Hey guys (and potentially gals), this track doesn't appear to download.

The Meat Beetles said...

Sorry about that, folks. Pesky html code--one character out of place and forget about it! We fixed it. Download and listen to your heart's content.

Coffee Messiah said...

nicely done! ; )

M. Bouffant said...

I personally favor intolerance of any one who subscribes to any superstition. You can't really be "bigoted" against someone whom you despise because of something they choose to believe.
Good tunes, though. you cats'll be rockin' the nation soon!