Thursday, May 3, 2007

The King Of Uglo-America

One day, a year or two ago, one of the Meat Beetles was "surfing" the "net" when he (she?) stumbled upon a site featuring audio clips of hate-radio personality, Rush Limbaugh (or, as The Meat Beetles call him, Rush Limp Cock). Among these clips was a whole section of Limbaugh stammering and stuttering on the air. The Meat Beetle was immediately struck by the rhythmic quality of these utterances. She (he?) downloaded some clips and played them for the other Meat Beetles. They all agreed that these clips were just too good to NOT use in a sound collage. This is the result.

As you listen you should keep in mind that these sounds are exactly as Rush made them on the air. Other than slight treatments to make them match the rhythm of the piece, no editing was performed on these clips.

The Meat Beetles are left with two questions about Limp Cock: (1) How can someone so wrong, so full of hate and bigotry continue to maintain an audience of more than six or eight sociopathic malcontents? (2) How did someone so utterly incapable of speaking coherently land a radio show in the first place?
Listen: The King Of Uglo-America

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DJ Useo said...

I read a story in the news that said they were faking the ratings.
He probly works for the secret us!