Friday, May 18, 2007

The Mating Call of the Male Uglo-American

S-E-X! Everyone likes it, even those who claim not to. Even The Meat Beetles like it. In fact, one of them has actually had sex and hopes to do "it" again someday.
Once again, the samples in this one were acquired at the "365 Days Project" (see the May 16 post of "Ree Baba 1999" for a link to the archive of this wonderful endeavor at UBU Web). The main vocals are by Eric Weber, the "How-To-Pick-Up-Girls Guru" of the '70s. There are also bits from Joe Aufricht and a public service hotline recording.
This is one of a series of explorations by The Meat Beetles of the traditional music of Uglo-America. See the May 3 post of "The King Of Uglo-America" for more Uglo-American music.
Listen: The Mating Call of the Male Uglo-American

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