Wednesday, May 2, 2007

F-Word Number 9

The Meat Beetles are fascinated by the strange belief that listening to rock music will turn kids into devil worshipers. This is one of several songs we have recorded as a result of this fascination. The vocals on this one are by James Dobson, Susan Baker (wife of James "The Election-Stealing Scumbag" Baker), Mike Mills, and Bob Larson. For the record, it is the unanimous opinion of The Meat Beetles that, when a child commits horrible acts after listening to a song, then that child has already been damaged by one or more of the adults in his/her life. You can't blame your failure as a parent on Judas Priest.

Listen: F-Word Number 9

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Jade456 said...

No kidding. Maybe it could be attributed to the facist atmosphere growing up in a disfunctional household based on "Christian" values that are preached but not practiced. Do as I say, not as I do.

The Meat Beetles said...

To jade456-Thanks for your input. You are the first person to leave a comment at our site. We hope you enjoy our work and will share it with others. This is all about gettniing people to think and ask questions. Thanks for visiting.

Chardman said...

Nice work!
Really good beats (or Beets) and great use of samples.
Glad to have become acquainted with your work.

Anonymous said...

The best analogy for organized religion is smoking cigarettes.
Bad for you, it has killed millions and your second hand smoke is killing the rest of us. Most religious leaders, Christian, Muslim whatever are like the CEO,s of tobacco companys. Same greed etc