Friday, July 6, 2007

A New World Odor

Do you ever wonder where George W. Bush gets that streak of amorality? The answer is it's in the family genes. This piece was built around his father's "victory" speech after HIS war against the people of Iraq in 1990-91. It's hard to imagine who has more innocent blood on his hands, Junior or Senior. And let's not forget Grandpa Prescott Bush, who did business with his Nazi pals for several years AFTER the US went to war with Hitler's Germany. And of course there's Mother Barbara, who showed her true colors when she remarked in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that, if people are "underprivileged" squatting in their own filth in a crowded, sweltering sports arena is good enough for them. Shouldn't there be a law against people like this reproducing?
If anyone has ever had the suspicion that The Meat Beetles have too much time on their hands, this piece should confirm that suspicion. At least such was the case when this was recorded in one long weekend session in 1991. This one is different from most of the other things posted here--no beats or music of any sort, just edited samples. As with all the work they did during this period, it was all done with tape--no aiff editors, no graphic readouts, just hit or miss and a lot of hiss. However, they did rerecord it into a computer recently and apply some very judicious editing--a little cut here, a bit of EQ there, an amplitude boost/cut from time to time.
Also used here are samples from TV news and George Romero's classic film, Night of the Living Dead.
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