Saturday, May 5, 2007

Backwards Devil Music, Part 666

More music about music. The Meat Beetles were so pleased with the contribution Mike Mills made to "F-Word # 9" (see May 2 post) that they invited him back to do the vocal track for another piece. This is pure Mills, doing what he does best--making stuff up and hearing things in rock music that only he can hear. As the guy in the above picture (© 1989 Chick Tracts) says, "Rock, rock, rock, rock with the rock!"
Listen: Backwards Devil Music, Part 666 (15 MB)

Download Mp3 (15 MB)


gomonkeygo said...

Thanks for the music and the ideas, Meat Beetles - you are good people/things.

J Crowley said...

Hey. Sorry, I know this is a little unrelated, but I stumbled onto your post just now and figured you might enjoy what I call Chick Dissections, in which I take Chick's Tracts and do a panel-by-panel, MST3K-style commentary, with logical/philosophical arguments against whatever message each Tract is trying to propagate.

I haven't yet done any of the music ones, but I'm sure to get to one in the near future.

You can find them by clicking here.

If you do check them out, please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. I've been making them a more regular feature on the site, so you can expect relatively frequent updates if you end up enjoying them.

You'd probably also get a kick out of Hot Chicks, a series of live-action and animation films based on Chick's Tracts. There's actually a live-action version of "Angels", which is the Tract with the "Rock, rock, rock, rock with the rock!" bit and the insanity. It's really well-done, and has a gritty, 1970s horror film feel to it.