Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ree Baba 1999

Here's a bit of good ol' fun! No politics, not even any intelligible words (at least not for English-speakers). Just sonic weirdness to put a smile on your face. The vocals here are by India's Sonik Omi, with additional contributions from John Wells & Jill House, and Merv & Merla. The Meat Beetles took all of this audio mayhem and added their own beats and squiggles.
All of the samples in this one were acquired through the legendary "365 Days Project" (archived at Ubu Web--click here to visit).
By the way, there is a "365 Days 2" going on all this year at the WFMU site. Click here to visit.
Listen: Ree Baba 1999

Download Mp3 (7 MB)

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