Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fear Up

Of all the "guest vocalists" who have collaborated with The Meat Beetles, the Sloptops all agree on one favorite: George W. Bush. There are two reasons for this, both having to do with Bush's monumental stupidity. First, every time the guy opens his mouth in public something choice is bound to come out; phrase after phrase that just screams "Sample me!" Second, because Bush is utterly incapable of uttering more than five or six words in one go without pausing to think what the next five or six are going to be, there are lots of pauses in his speeches. This is particularly handy when clipping samples out of a large .aiff file.
All of the snippets used here came from two different appearances--his address to the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy (May 23, 2007) and a press conference (May 24, 2007). The Meat Beetles got into a friendly debate over which incident represented an all-time low in presidential appearances--using a graduation ceremony to make lame excuses for a failed, amoral foreign policy, or threatening the children of reporters. However, The Meat Beetles quickly came to realize that with well over a year left of this "presidency" Bush is bound to sink even lower.
By the way, lest you feel TOO sorry for the reporters whose children were threatened, it should be pointed out that "David" is none other than Dave Gregory of NBC. Yes, the same Dave Gregory who prostituted himself by dancing with Karl Rove (the most despicable blob of protoplasm currently oozing across the surface of the planet) at the recent White House Press Corps dinner. Hopefully Gregory now sees that, even when you suck up to these creeps, they will turn on you like vipers if it suits their purpose. Wait until you see what they will do to David Petraeus when "his" plan for the troop surge in Iraq goes belly up!

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Coffee Messiah said...

So much stupidity out of one mouth, when will the madness end? ; (