Tuesday, January 1, 2008

World War 345

The Democratic Party had a lot of low moments in 2007, but the Meat Beetles unanimously agree that the party leadership was at its most despicable in the wake of Representative Pete Stark's floor speech in October. A rare person among the Democrats, Stark actually stood on the floor of the House and did what so few have the spine or integrity to do: he told the truth about our "president". For this he was slapped down and forced to apologize by the Democratic leadership. The Meat Beetles, en masse, went to the nearest post office, picked up voter registration forms, and changed their affiliation from Democrat to Independent.

Anyway, part of Stark's speech was used in this piece. To provide a context, audio recordings of inane blather by George Bush and various cable "news" creeps have also been used.

Happy New Year! Same as the old year?

Listen: World War 345

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The Beetles are back!