Thursday, October 18, 2007

Michael, Queen of the Savages

The Meat Beetles are not sure how,but this song has disappeared from the place where we store our files online. Also, due to a massive computer failure a while back we do not currently have a copy of the song. We are working on retrieving it, and if anyone out there has a downloaded version please contact us at:

We're not sure how we're going to do it, but we hope to make this song available again in the near future.

For those fortunate enough to not know who Michael Weiner Savage is, he is one of the most virulently hateful of all hate radio jocks. He's a lot like Ann Coulter, but much more feminine. His contempt for women and his obsession with manhood and masculinity have led the Sloptops to one inevitable conclusion: This guy is a closeted gay man. Come out, Michael, come out. Celebrate who you really are. You'll be better off for it and so will America.

Acknowledgement: The Meat Beetles found the above picture of Savage at Pride Depot.
Listen: Michael, Queen of the Savages (6 MB)

Download Mp3 (6 MB)


Anonymous said...

This blog sucks, Michael would own you.

The Meat Beetles said...


Thanks for your feedback. We're glad you hate us. It serves to validate what we do and it inspires us to keep doing it. Please keep in touch.

A Meat Beetle

Anonymous said...

Whoever Photoshopped that picture had no idea what they were doing :P

The Meat Beetles said...


"Whoever Photoshopped that picture had no idea what they were doing"

We think they knew exactly what they were doing: Making fun of Weener Savage.

Anonymous said...

Long live Michael Savage. Your fake picture exposes your weakness.
All you shit-packers have to do is keep to yourself. You chose to push, and push. It's not homosexaulity (which has been on Earth since the beginning), it's you attitude- your pride. The war you want is coming.

jesse09 said...

Dr. Savage speaks nothing but the truth. He's dosnt hate anyone but those who are against America.

Elizabeth said...

This blog does suck. and Dr. Savage is a very honest blunt radio personality. He speaks out for woman's rights and values the family.

If you even took the time to think and research his views you would see he is not hateful.

You are the one full of hate and seem to only be able to repeat other peoples words instead of coming up with an educated answer yourself. Learn to think for yourself.

The Meat Beetles said...


Thank you for your feedback. The fact that you think this blog "sucks" (whatever the fuck that means!) only confirms that we are doing a good thing. As for your accusation that we "repeat other people's words" well, yeah, that's what we do. We use the words of our subjects (in this case Weener Savage) to expose hem for what they are. It's funny that you could defend Weener Savage, then accuse us of hate. He oozes hatred with every syllable that crosses his greasy lips.

By the way, we wonder if you or any of the other Weener-lovers who have posted criticism of us here have actually listened to the work.

Yeah, that's what we thought.

Keep in touch. Your hatred inspires us.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you fucking nazi commies, Michael and I had a wonderful 6 minutes together in a mens room toilet stall recently, and I resent the way you are making fun of him. He is a warm, sensitive man who knows exactly how to satisfy the needs of another man.

DJ Useo said...

The track is unavailable.
I sure would listen.
I am astonished that fools stuck up for him.
What would Grud think? lol!

Keep on meatling!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that the fileden link is still broken. Can you fix it? Would love to hear this...

Great pic, BTW.

samrx said...

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