Sunday, February 7, 2010

Driving A Bus To A Train Wreck

Not much to say that the song can't say for itself. Most of the samples came from the recent Glenn Beck interview with Sarah Palin. A few others of Sister Sarah came from other sources.

That our next president may be someone who believes that France gave the US the Statue of Liberty "hoping that we wouldn't evolve into something more along their lines" is astounding. Truly, the end of America is upon us.

Listen: Driving A Bus To A Train Wreck

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DJ Useo said...

Right on,I say!
A most amusing & eluminating mix this.

Coffee Messiah said...

For some reason, just like "w" I just can't bring myself to take even a little listen ; (


sciencehighway said...

Very cool, not to mention a sweet editing job. BTW I was the "Meet the Beatles" purchaser you encountered on HP. I'll be asking our intertube guru to link your site. Ours can be found by typing 'Foolish Earthling Productions" (or just foolish earthling) into the Google.

pharmacy said...

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pharmacy said...

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